Increasing the Impact of a Dollar

  One of our "off-field" goals is to create a stronger community based fundraising culture for our team. Our hope is to remove the stigma and pressure of typical fundraising drives, and emphasize one point:  we are ready to put dollars to work toward improving our program and performance.  We strive to be transparent and proactive on where our finances go, as well as stating the "how and why" of what we do.  Each year there is a financial burden that is cost restrictive to many players, that based on merit, should be on our field.

We Incentivize Giving

  • We grant Charitable Receipts for all donations

  • We help find Donation Matches through major employers by providing a list of employers who have previously matched donations.

  • We build our Dollar-for-Dollar Donor List to encourage the participation of Alumni and Current Community to work collectively to improve the program.

  • We use every Dollar to its highest value to make sure we can get the most out of our money.

  • We say "thank you" by keeping our broader community up-to-date on what we do and why, as well as gifting our extra team equipment and apparel to our dependable supporters.

  • We perform on field to let you know that the "Proof is in the pudding".

  In the Dollar for Dollar program we bring together Oregon Alumni that want to see the University's athletic representatives given the opportunity to receive the training and support that makes all Ducks teams great.  Once we have identified and confirmed our donation amounts, we then present this Dollar-forDollar fundraising goal toward the parents and families with currently active players in the program. Every  year there are those who can offer their support through fundraising, and those who can only offer their support through hard work on the field.  It is no secret that the more a team holds training and team building events in a year the greater success they see on the field.  Sometimes these experiences involve travel costs, staff costs, or material costs.  By front loading our fundraising efforts, the program can responsibly pursue team building and top-their training without compromising the financial stability of the program.

The recurring finances of our program are as simple as the cost of a helmet, the retaining of professional referees and staff.  Wh at is also real is the time cost for a player that may need to carry a part-time job for their college tuition requirements.  By providing a players' relief fund, known as the Charlie Jackson Fund, it allows us to reduce the financial burden of playing lacrosse at the University of Oregon.  Beyond this, every dollar raised reduces the direct impact on players, and makes our goals more within reach.  We balance the money raised to both work toward recurring infrastructural costs, and towards subsidizing or even "gifting" huge experiences, elite training, and real support to the athletic functioning of our team.

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