Wish List

The tangible items your donations support.

Safety ($24,000.00)

Face Shields: $1,000.00

Face-Shields have been utilized to increase the safety of the players, and to help get us back onto the field.  These anti-fog items are effective at providing a vapor-shield, but do endure damage and deterioration due to the nature of the sport.  Players will likely go through 3-5 of these shields through the course of their season.

One-site trainer: $20,000.00

The University and the Club Sports Office provide for trainers during contests with other programs, but a great deal of injury prevention and, taping and stretching needs to happen daily in practice to keep the players healthy and able to pursue their maximum growth every day.  In practice trainers would provide for player monitoring, such as direct guidance on recovery methods and timelines, as well well as tracking such as temperature checks.  Money raised toward our 20k goal would allow us to begin targeting high intensity dates, such as double headers and travel weeks, to provide support in the greatest anticipated time of need.


Travel Trainer: $3,000.00

Having our own familiar trainer is a huge advantage for having our players prepared for away games.  Currently we rely on the "hit or miss" method of traveling to other programs and hoping they have a trainer on site for taping and injury assistance.  This money would cover the travel and per diem expenses of a Oregon Men's Lacrosse specific trainer.

Staffing ($31,500.00)

Assistant Coaching Staff: $2500.00-$5,000.00 Each (5 Anticipated) $25,000.00

We are deep with talented athletes, and it takes strong coaching to keep them focused and headed in the right Direction.  Currently we are raising funds to help carry​ returning assistant coach Keaton Lovendahl, defensive coach Jon Boyer, offensive coach Joe Dorff, Goalie and shooting coach Tyler Scott, face-off coach Travis Jones, and more position specific coaches to make short but necessary impacts for our program.

Travel Coaches $5,000.00

Currently our Coaching staff is at five coaches, however current budgets only allow for one coach to travel and stay with the team.  All of our coaches have an immediate positive impact on the growth and performance of our team.

Team Manager: $1,500.00

We have the benefit of returning Tatum Reece as our team manager.  Each practice Tatum helps us by tracking attendance, logistical needs, registration, waivers and works in concert with Social Media Interns from the University of Oregon.  Tatum's participation is a huge relief the coaches and allows them to focus on their primary role: coaching.  This year we would like to compensate her for her continued contribution to the progress and professionalism of the program.

Training Equipment ($28,000.00)

Team-wide Individual Training Kit: $2,500.00-$5,000.00

This is one of the teams' primary targets for immediate purchase.  On 11/19/2020 the team will break into individual and distance training throughout the United States.  We would like to purchase the most ideal confined space training items to benefit the team this Fall and for years to come.  These items include: TRX individual training implement, a bucket of balls, Video Training, Speed Ladder, Bosu, Resistance bands.  Providing these players with training packs will help support their pursuit of maximizing their potential output for the coming season, and reduce the need for their travel to train.  The quality and extent of this package is dependent on the money raised toward this cause.

Team Practice kit: $13,000.00

In the Fall the team is provided with Club owned practice pennies, and they raise and submit money in the Spring to purchase personal practice kits exclusive to that season's roster.  This year the players are raising toward sublimated practice kits that showcase the state's foliage, Puddles the Duck, and the beautiful Green and Yellow of the University of Oregon.

Field Expenses: $10,000.00
Money raised toward these items is converted instantly toward player equipment.  This includes Goal Nets, Training-Balls, Game-Balls, Goalie Training Implements, Foot Skills, Performance trackers, Training aids such as targets and cones and so on.  This also creates funding for reserving private fields on road trips so the team can prepare in proper space and seclusion for upcoming contests.

Team Building ($33,000.00)

Camping: Outdoor program $3,000.00

Once the team is cleared for travel we have arranged for a weekend trip that will involve camping on the Oregon Coast, Dawn Patrol Running on along the surf and playing a full game in low tide down on the beach.  Removing the players from their local distractions in Eugene and immersing them in the beauty of the Oregon coast allows them to tightly bond with their teammates while rigorously preparing for the Season to come.  All funds donated toward this cause are put toward covering transportation fees and camping equipment.  Campgrounds have already been generously donated (for work trade by the team) by longtime friend of the late Charlie Jackson, Brian Kehoe.  Brian was a lacrosse player at Chico State, farther to All-American Colorado State Attackman Cooper Kehoe, and longtime ambassador to the game of lacrosse.


Ducklings Camp: $5000.00

Moneys raised for this purpose are to jump-start our training and recruiting program that includes bi-annual training camps for pre collegiate players.  Holding one weekend in the Fall, coinciding with Alumni weekend (sport alumni can see the future players) for one day, and a three day summer camp that precludes our Summer training.  These funds help cover the insurance, dorm, cafeteria and field deposits necessary for the camps that rely on attendee fees to cover.  These camps are designed to be self sustaining once our initial  deposits are covered.

Charlie Jackson Scholarship: $25,000.00

All money raised toward this cause is put towards easing the financial hardship of players who find that the fees of the team are prohibitive to their participation.  This is considered on a case by case basis, and is issued in relief (15%), Support (50%), and Scholarship (100%) categories.

Home Officials: $2,000.00

Program Fees: ($21,170.00)

Away Officials: $520.00


Buses: $5,000.00 x ~4 trips ($20,000.00)

When we travel as a team we pursue the closest-to-varsity experience possible for all of the competitive advantages it allows.


Motor Pool $650.00

This covers the travel to play more local teams like Oregon State.


Kit and Cabootle ($105,000.00)

Our hope is to raise enough money to bring this program to the next level and draw the best talent from around the country.  All money raised beyond this works toward reducing player fees and burdens, and allows them to focus on achieving on the field and in the classroom.  Thank you for considering your support for our Ducks!  It is a great group of players who have shown genuine support for one another through these trying times, and display a true love of the sport every day on the field.

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